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Dylan Vick
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Dylan Vick You guys killed it on this one! I can't wait till you guys release more. Really loved this one. Keep it up! Favorite track: Allegiance.
fathead dog
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fathead dog The singer reminds me of Alex from Chelsea Grin, the music is a lot more refined, not the typical chug, chug. In fact these guys are amazing! Reminds of two of my favorite bands Chelsea Grin(being one) and a little like Born of Osiris. For $5, definitely more than worth it! Favorite track: Cultural Misanthropy.
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released March 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Prophasis Memphis, Tennessee

Formed in Memphis, TN in 2012, Prophasis began as 2 members from a former local Memphis band decided to start up a new project. The band consists of Alan-vocals, Brad-drums, Cody-guitar, Colby-guitar, & Ryan-bass. Prophasis has played shows both in Memphis, TN & 2 out of town shows in Tupelo, MS. They are currently working on releasing a full length debut album, Boundaries, due out March 2014. ... more

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Track Name: Allegiance
Swear your allegiance to the theocracy
Give your soul away to hypocrisy
Fly the banner high and bear the mark
Take up the symbol and the country for which it stands
Spreading lies deceit and greed throughout the land

Bear the mark

See the king who sits upon his throne
Black is his heart laced with deceit ever sewn
Slander and greed are all he's ever known
Forever he shall reign never to be overthrown

Tear down the kingdom

I want to see an uprising of people
Fueled by rage, anger, and aggression
I want to see the wolves tear apart the sheep
Carnage on a massive scale, organs at their feet

Tear down the kingdom defy his holy reign
Tear down the kingdom show him as feign

Send the vile king down to the very depths he owns
Make him repay every debt he's every owed
Tear out the heart of the weak and wretched bottom feeders
Tear out the organs of the sad and worthless peasant leaches
Track Name: Cultural Misanthropy
Scattered and leaderless the masses divided
The time for uprising has now been decided

The hatred I feel for you and your kind
Has left me with violence, depraved my mind

This cultural difference no longer ignored
Coexistence is not the word I implore
My animosity has led me to agree
That conformity shall be scorned

Distain for your kind
Hatred for all life
Aversion to your existence
Cultural misanthropy

The very ones who ignored this plight
This wretched human condition
Leaders only causing more affliction

I was born unto this earth to bring hatred
I was born unto this earth to bring malice
I was born unto this earth to bring execution

Distain for your kind
Hatred for all life
Aversion to your existence
Cultural misanthropy
Track Name: Exodus Of Rationality
Think clearly now think rationally
There's not enough of us in this world today
Free thinkers gone
Of the mind

Evacuation of logic
Evacuation of intelligence
Writhing in ignorant mindset flawed
Rotting existence

Once a shell of a mind loss of insight
Have you no purpose?
Your mind is useless
This expungence of rational thought is bringing the downfall
Consider the world around you you've become enthralled

The idea of a perfect existence your own creation
How could anyone be so introverted in thought
That they cannot see rationality

I refuse to let this world become useless and wasted
I refuse to let this worthless become the populace

Free thinkers gone, exodus

Misguided fools do not see but I for one refuse
Track Name: Sigil
Bearing the sigil of the dark union
Bore into your skin the mark of the conformist
Advocating the very ones who seek to corrupt
Branded with the symbol of those who lead
You have only become the oblivious sheep
Hacking and sawing away at your moral fibers

Their rotten twisted words burrow deep inside your mind
Subliminal messages, hidden agendas, secret societies,
controlled commands
Their rotten twisted words burrow deep inside your mind
Secluded conferences, covert affairs, private conventions, vicious ideals

Twelve lines for the leaders most high
Twelve lines for the elders divine
High above the tower of shadows
Their adornment will be worshiped

Encompassed in a circle of lies
Flown high on the flag of incompetence
The city they rule is crumbling
The vultures above are circling

Decaying bodies at the citadel steps
Ignoring pleas and blind to regret
Elders watch and say nothing
Their assumed wisdom is the usual suspect

Pulling strings from behind the curtain
Domination from disguised veils of falsehood
Face value has never been so flawed

Your leaders only seek to control
Stamped with the sigil, conformist
Track Name: Sightless
Governmental experiments gone awry
Feeding the hordes with the lies
Deception of the eyes
This facade is decadent to say the least
Blind, foolish, you do not see the error of their ways

You've become sightless

Removal of the eyes, deception
Brainwashing optical reception
Generating thoughtless beings under my control
Strapped to the table removing their eyes
Inner mind, perception diminished
Outward thought, audible speech relinquished
I now have the ability to force my hand

Wretched, blinded, dismal excuse of a life

Each and every breath you take
Causes more greif and strife
Take in the mental corruption
I restraint your hands
Mindless being of wasted life
I control your mind

I've become sightless

No longer are the days of old
Waste of space, mind now cold

For this was foretold that it would come to pass
Now are the days of those not meant to last
Government is all that owns
The darkness inside my mind hath grown

Lord of the realm, give me thy sight
Lord of the realm, give me thy spite

I've become sightless
You've become sightless
Track Name: Boundaries Of The Mute (ft Cody Black of Throne)
Boundaries set by the aristocracy
Claiming power through divinity
Controlling, repressed morality
Based on their lies and fallacies

Holding areas like refugees
In a city of plenty
All because we would not believe
Cast out, mocked, scorned

It's a time for a rebirthing a new era in this monarchy
Rise from the ashes this is our new beginning

Muted we are the ones to change this
Muted we are the logical guise

I am the wolf
Kill their sheep

Carefully executed plans to overthrow this tyranny
Political leaders only nourishing their greed
Blind-sided by excess rip down the oppressors from their places on high
The mighty have fallen the true shepherd arrives

I will strike down their shepherds
And watch as their sheep flee
I am the wolf scatter before me
I am the wolf kill their sheep
Track Name: Propaganda
Inferior; the entity of shame,
The infinite receptor of false claims
They adhere to our lies whilst we blind the populace
In a coldly conceived disguise.

Sharing an agenda are the ones in control
Blinded in ignorance they only know what we have shown

Inside your cerebellum

In a world bred by our scholars of ancient falsified text.
The world becoming our boundless plague.

Now we hold on to our ways,
With deficiency they attempt to blur
Our irrational displays of hostility

This propaganda knows no restriction
Purge every seperatist faction

Sharing an agenda are the ones in control
Blinded in ignorance they only know what we have shown

Stepping up to the podium I clear my throat
I let the intolerant hate flow
Shouting and taunting the population at large
I let the intolerant hate flow

This propaganda shall be most vile

Setting the scene for the foolish
I create a fable so false
Their obsession with my very syllables
Draws them in closer
Playing right into my hand
I grip tighter on their minds
My ideals have seeded themselves
Inside their cerebellum, brainwashed

Inside your cerebellum
Track Name: Indoctrine
I have come to spread death upon on the earth
My indoctrine will be heard
The pages of my sacred text of lies

Spread the evil I so deeply desire
Corrupting the very thoughts of the meek and mild
Like flies to a carcass they flock to hear my every word
Believing the darkness I spew from my mouth
I am their darkened savior
Believing the darkness I spew from my mouth
I am their infernal lord

Bowing their heads to incantations
Chanting the sacred vows of nefarious rites
Candle lit mass of darkness so appalling and vile
Ritualistic abominations of decomposing and rotting flesh
Worship the very evil I impose on your life

Open my book of invalid slander
Harken unto me as i utter words of hate
My lips spread black speech and poison their minds
The crowd cheers in blindness
Not knowing what they've denounced

Their belief was placed aimlessly
They have all been deceived
I only seek to corrupt the minds of the pure
My immoral being feeds on their depravity
There shall be no dawn for those who are easily led astray

I am andras. I spread discord.
I am andras. I command legions.

My indoctrine will be heard
Astride my black wolf I'll be heard
Sowing discord and reaping the filth

I command legions
Track Name: Dynasty Malfunction
Seeking within, finding no courage to aid your fading senses.
The silence leaves enlightenment unannounced;
Acknowledgement is of the utmost rarity.
We have been downcast

Muted, we are the ones to change this
Muted, we are the logical guise
Bound by the clutches of ignorance
Our wisdom shall be denied

Exiled by their ways
Irrational fears dwelling inside the minds of the corrupt leaders
Sociopathic in nature "oppression is the only way your majesty."

Strike down the enlightened
Strike down the wise
Don't bear false witness
Live by your own commands

You sermonize acceptance; equality
Relagation of those who don't comply
Mass populace deceived before their very eyes
Compliance is the suggested manner

The Shepherd: The Wolf
The Flock: The Sheep

Fueled by monetary gains a dynasty that reigns
Blind leading the blind erupts into anarchy
We've been lead to our demise

The Shepherd: The Wolf, The Flock: The Sheep
Shepherd:Wolf, Flock:Sheep
Track Name: Tenebris Propheta (Dark Prophet)
Bow in the presence of the one true dark prophet
Consuming the earth with my gospel of wrath
Carve in flesh the symbol you blindly worship
Bleed out and die like the thoughtless scourge that you are

I am hatred reborn
I am darkness divine
I'm here to judge you all and force your repentance
I'm the immovable force revoking your innocence
I am the filth that spreads far and wide

I am the filth that spreads far and wide
I am the omega, darkness divine
My plague will be the last of your kingdom
My words will shake the very foundation

Black speech in back of my throat
Foul speech unto the rule of your throne
Tenebris Propheta (Dark Prophet)
Salva nos ab hac (Save us from this)

Tenebris Propheta
Salva os ab hac

Utter the very words of your folly
Speak them to me, repent for your sins
Beg for mercy and there shall be none
As above, so below my will be done

I am here to judge you

No longer is ignorance bliss
Track Name: Obsidian (ft Jake Wolf of Reflections)
To the barren mountains I flee
My wicked zealots spreading my indoctrine
Left to do my bidding for me
I make my home among the caves
In darkness now dwelling

The outer lying volcanic ridge has become my fortress
Constructing my own perverse structures
From the dark obsidian my kingdom is built
A city as black as my soul

Atop every tower I put a beacon of light
Glowing green with sickness most putrid
I mock their very existence by creating my own
From the dimmest of rock i carve myself a throne
Inscribed at the head my curse to all who oppose

"May those who seek to destroy this city
Find themselves a quick and painful death
For the only soul that can occupy this seat
Is he who controls the legions of demons."

My book of slander seated upon a black pedestal for all to read
The tattered and worn pages luring in all who gaze
Slowly my followers flock to my home as word spreads
My once disciples now my civilians
Obey my decrees

In darkness we bathe
In darkness we drench
In darkness we drown
Worship the wolves

"May those who seek to destroy this city
Find themselves a quick and painful death
For the only soul that can occupy this seat
Is he who controls the legions of demons."